BB: Indie Mixtape Live Songwriters In The Round

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

The Hotel Utah Saloon, 500 4th St., San Francisco, CA 94107

8 pm / $10 adv / $15 door 21+ with ID ABOUT ARTIST IN THE ROUND "In The Round" is when a group of musicians take turns singing their songs. One artist sings a song and then the next sings and so on. Each performing artist will have the opportunity to do 3 songs. As there are always 3 artists on stage at the same time, sometimes others in the group will add some instrumental flavor and or harmonious vocals. Over the course of the evening, there will be 3 rounds and attendees will discover 9 artists each evening.

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"Like the best of Cat Power, Feist or David Gray, Penwell’s songs don’t pounce, they pull you in and stay with you long after you are done listening."  

-Drew Pearce
New Music Weekly  

Amie’s music walks a fine line between piano-driven pop, soul and country while maintaining an alternative aesthetic which allows her the freedom to mold, shape, bend and blend the various styles which influence her the most, joining the likes of Annie Lennox and Aimee Mann, and Peter Gabriel, 

I’ve spent the last few years working on a collection of songs that came out of conversations I had, and experiences I’ve shared, with women of diverse ethnic, economic and religious backgrounds. With the help of my collaborators, that collection has become my new record, Windows. It’s an intimate, firsthand look into the lives of nine women on nine different journeys. Each song is a portrait of individual and collective exploration through acceptance, power, will, humility, denial, willingness, faith, surrender, and freedom.

Amie's  underground hit single, “Mercy,” was featured in the award-winning 2012 documentary, The Eyes of Thailand, which was narrated by Ashley Judd. In 2013, my EP Under City Lights was featured on Season 2 of Web series “Bloomers” and The Ask BonBon Show. In 2015, she was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Contest (ISC) in the Adult Album Alternative category for her song “Dogfight On The Moon”. In 2016, her  song “Somewhere The Sky Is Blue” with Grammy Award-winning Producer Ricky Kej, in the Dominica Scorsese film Almost Paris, her song Unstoppable made it into the Mary Janes The Women of Weed as it's credits song. Amie is am currently writing and recording an EP with Vicente Rodriguez (Chuck Prophet). 




Amie Penwell

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Amie Penwell Releases Prominent Album, "Windows" From start to finish the release is golden, and proves to be one of a kind in the current musical market.”

No Depression

Amie Penwell is breaking into the scene with her newest single to hit the streets, "Unstoppable." As we steadily head into Election season, so does Penwell with her take on politics in the modern world. She carries a powerful message that will not only stop you dead in your tracks, but will leave you thinking as well. This is only the beginning of great things to come from the artist, and we're on board.”


With two singles from the album in tow, "Window," and "Unstoppable," respectively, Penwell has been turning heads with her gorgeous and skillfully crafted pieces As the record dives further into her musical ambitions, Penwell brings elements of Rock, with dashes of R&B and Soul on the side; providing a well-rounded release. Messages are placed within every song as Penwell breaks free and holds nothing back. The lyrics come from an honest place that pulls at the heartstrings”


Mercy 18′ is an ambient, emotive, subtly potent ballad featuring a sombering but memorable piano melody. Passionate strings accent the hauntingly soothing soundscape as Amie’s vocal performance grabs our attention for quite the soul stirring ride.”

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