1. Window

From the recording Windows

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A successful executive women in the middle of a meeting stops for a minute to look out the window. The song is of her experiencing a moment of clarity, and simplicity, baring witness to the stark contrast of reality right outside the window. The beast and beauty of the human experience riding in tandem.


(Penwell, Sharp)

Pressure is quiet, I hear a whisper
Cameras are catching every last wonder
Stop fo a minute, look out the window
To a field full of flowers, light on the surface, colors deep as caverns. Pressure is quiet, but there are cracks in the kingdom. Cameras are catching every last victim. We’re the witness to madness. The mirages have vanished, but when I look out the window, When I look out the window.
Crows are banging on the rooftop, hands are flying on a real clock. Beasts on corners howl at sirens, speed toward mourners showered in violence. Cameras catching people praying- oh for what there’s no saying. Acts of kindness carried out at random, beast and beauty ride in tandem. There are colors deep as caverns.
There are fields full of flowers. There is light on the surface..