Amie Penwell is an artist you need to put on your radar now. Her voice is powerful as it shares the message of the relatable to most audiences in modern day society. ”

No Depression

Credits Roll. Amie Penwell Unstoppable

I’ve had the honor of working with Ms. Penwell on two of my films. In their own ways, “Mercy” and “Unstoppable” were perfect fits for the spirit I wanted to capture for my audiences. Her music grabs your soul and haunts you. -Windy Borman, Award-Winning Filmmaker”

Amie's song Somewhere The Sky Is Blue is featured in Domenica Cameron-Scorsese Film Almost Paris.

It's incredible how Amie's music resonates so deeply with the themes of love & loss in Bloomers. Her music cuts deep. Not only is Amie a talented singer & songwriter, but as I work with her on music for the next season of Bloomers, I am discovering that she is incredibly intuitive in understanding how music operates with other mediums and how her distinct voice as an artist operates with the distinct voices of other artists. Matt Concepcion Palazzolo - Creator/Writer/Actor/Editor Bloomers The Series

Amie's song Dogfight on the Moon is a semi finalist in Adult Album Alternative category for this years 2016 ISC competition!

I have had the abililty to see Amie in concert on several occasions. One of the things I love about her music is that it's a piercing, emotional experience that invokes so much in each and every person. I've witnessed this. You can tell people are very effected."”

— Bonnie Bruderer theASKBONBON Show